SPC1320 WrappingMachine

Omron PLC control system, HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) easy to operate
Wrap times can be preset
Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel
Cycle pause capability
3—12RPM variable turntable speed by frequency changer
Variable roller speed by frequency changer
Safety push-pull emergency stop button

Wrapping size
Roll Diameter(mm)       600 –1500
Roll Width(mm)              500 –1600
Roll Weight(max)           2000 kg
Packing efficency           20-30 rolls /hour
Dia . of turntable                  2000mm
Turntable speed                  3-12rpm
Turntable Height                  460mm
Power supply                        2.0 kw/ AC380v
Machine weight                    1080 kg
Dia . of roller                         150mm
Roller center distance        420mm
Machine dimension(mm)  2895 (L)×2000(W)×2300(H)
Air consume                         1000ml/min

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